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Fuerza De Mujer 2 Temporada Capituló 84

Fuerza de Mujer Capitulo 84 Español latino


2021-07-07 46:39 125 Dailymotion

Fuerza de Mujer Capitulo 84 Español latino


2021-07-27 46:39 0 Dailymotion

Fuerza de Mujer Capitulo 84 Español latino

Capitulo 84Bahar, una madre cariñosa que lucha para mantener una vida con sus doshijos, debe lidiar con los desafíos de la vida y descubrir verdades del pasad...

2021-02-26 46:39 6,541 Dailymotion

Fuerza de Mujer (Kadin) - Capitulo 84 - Español HD

Fuerza de Mujer (Kadin) - Capitulo 84 - Español HD...

2021-02-21 44:40 1,108 Dailymotion

【VER】 fuerza de mujer | temporada 2

✅✅Ver fuerza de mujer temporada 2 en español Latino (HD)Descargar fuerza de mujer S02E1 - Temporada 2 subtitulado en españolDESCARGAR CLIC AQUI / SUB ESPA...

2020-11-19 01:03 17,751 Dailymotion

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"And everywhere fires smolder" (Little Fires Everywhere)

The ideal mother wishes her children an ideal life. Even if her concept of the ideal does not coincide with many others. This is the story of a loud serial novelty of the spring with Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington in the lead roles. The heroines of the series are complete opposites, who have different everything: social status, wealth and outlook on life. One - at first glance, a caring mother of four teenagers, an impeccable wife, a keeper of home comfort and a bit of a journalist - in her free time from family troubles. Another is a single mother wandering from city to city who tries to feed her daughter, working as a waitress during the day and as an artist in the evening. The relationship of these families could even be friendly, if not for the story of another mother who was forced to leave her child under the police station. For this high-profile case, which was continued in court, a real confrontation arises between women, with the disclosure of dramatic skeletons from the closet and even neglect of their own children, where each of them will have to break the notion of what a “good mother” means.

"Single parents"

A fun and honest view of motherhood is portrayed in the sitcom Single Parents. Single parents of students who study together in elementary school decide to join forces and become one team to support their children: they substitute for each other as nannies, organize joint children's parties, help with the children's homework, and also prevent each other from getting off crazy. In the role of the main mom, by the way, the star of "Gossip Girl" Leighton Meester. Therefore, if you want to see Blair Waldorf in a completely new role - a bully mom who constantly gets on adventures and often behaves more impulsively than her 7-year-old son, you will definitely like it.

"Divorce in English" (The Split)

A restrained and deep drama about how women rule the modern world. In the center of the plot is the Defoe family - a domineering mother who runs the best law firm in the city and her three adult daughters, two of whom followed in her footsteps. All day long they do nothing but divide up the property of famous and authoritative couples upon divorce, listen to their anger and tears, and try to win the best conditions for their clients. And in this whole world of broken feelings, all three daughters cannot establish their own lives: the elder's marriage is bursting at the seams, the middle one does not believe in relationships at all and relieves stress after a hard day with alcohol, and the youngest is abandoned by the groom right before the wedding. Dealing with all this is difficult when there is an “iron lady” behind your back - a strict mother and boss in one person.

"Bummer" (The Letdown)

An ironic, frank and modern TV series about motherhood without embellishment. Audrey considers herself an advanced and quick-witted woman who is determined not to dwell on motherhood, but to quietly weave it into her busy life. In theory, this seems pretty straightforward. In practice, her husband, a careerist, turns out to be unable to intercept the baton of paternity, her mother is also busy exclusively with herself and her best friend also demonstrates themselves as not the best nannies for the baby. And suddenly Audrey realizes that her old life will never be the same as before. In a word, an excellent sketch for those who are planning a child to think again about the responsibility that still falls on the mother's shoulders. And those who are already enjoying the joys of fatherhood will finally recognize themselves in the characters. This is not an Instagram picture of beautiful mothers taking care of three children, baking banana bread, doing yoga and looking like supermodels at their prime.

"All for the best" (Better Things)

Sam has a similar story of a single mother. But if the heroine of the previous plot has her whole life ahead of her, Sam has crossed the 40-year mark and realizes that many chances are already behind. She is not only a mother who is raising three daughters herself, she is also a failure-actress who never managed to build a successful career. She no longer counts on Hollywood fame, but participates in various low-standard shows and low-budget projects in order to feed herself and her family. Although all the forces that she could use for successful work have to be spent on raising her daughters, who now and then get into trouble and give the mother a lot of trouble. However, despite the endless number of problems and troubles, the woman does not lose faith in the fact that everything will definitely work out soon. She hopes that a person will appear in her life who can help.